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it_takes_love's Journal

Everything Is Better With Babies
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This group is a multifandom group about POSITIVE portrays of nontraditional families. That mean we are interested in looking at families that aren't one man, one woman and their biological offspring. Those families are great, and fine, as are fandoms and people who celebrate them, but that isn't the only way to have an awesome loving family. This group supports and explores all different ways to be a great family within fandom.
Regarding the title of the group "Everything is Better With Babies" see this post: http://community.livejournal.com/it_takes_love/603.html


-What do we mean by "multifandom"? This means that any and every fandom is welcome. Whatever you like to get all fannish about is fine here. Bandom, and RPF is also welcome. It also means, fanfiction, art, vids, what ever way you want to express yourself is also totally cool. I mean really, we love, art, vids whatever.

-What do we mean by "positive"? This should be pretty easy to figure out, but just to completely clear. This group is for fannish stuff about about good, nurturing, caring families. That mains no abusive families as the main subject of a story, no sex between a perental figure and a child. This mean no stories about how awful and abusive X and Y would be as parents. If you want to write that kind of thing that's your own call, but it doesn't belong here. We don't mean the family you choose to write about can't have it's problems, lets face it all families do. They can go through their fights, their ups and downs, but overall this has to be a good thing for both the guardian/parent characters and the child/children.

-What do we mean by "nontraditional families"? This is the real heart of the matter. When we say nontraditional families we are talking about stories from the fandom of your choosing that portrays a loving family as being anything different from the tranditional family structure.
We totally rock two male characters, or two female characters having great families. Three or more characters raising and supporting a child together can be awesome. transgender parent(s) are wonderful. We totally want to read about happy single parent households. A non-romanticly involved couple banding together to make a family is as far as we are concerned the ultimate expression of bromance or gal pal love. Or you can go with the old saying that "it takes a village to raise a child", or a team, or a Starship, or the lost city of Atlantis. What ever you like, as long as it isn't the socially normative, one man + one woman= kids equation.


*no flaming, no wank, please. There will be no fandom or ship wars. If you don't like, don't read.

*this community celebrates difference, if you have something against homosexual parents, or polyamorous families keep it to yourself, hating is not welcome here.

*Be POSITIVE about the families you are portraying, if someone has a background that includes a bad family situation warn proactively but also don't make that bad family the main point of the story. We are about celebrating good families here.

* no stories about relationships or sexual situations where a character is under age (under 18 years old) unless both characters are.

*USE WARNINGS: There are people out there with triggers, including one of your friendly mods, so be respectful. Always warn for non-con, dub-con, abuse of any sort, and since these stories deal with children character death. Everything else is up to you, just be sensitive.

*use tags, they keep my OCD down to a manageable level.

*use a cut if your entry is over 100 words

We Mods love you all so don't make us use our scary faces.

So after all this talk what are some examples of stuff we're looking for in this community? Stories, art and vids that totally would be cool would be:

Tony DiNozzo decides to adopt as a single dad.

That MPreg story you always wanted about Rodney McKay getting pregnant and then having to learn how to raise a child while working out a relationship with Carson.

Olivia and Alex on Law and Order: Special Victims Unit decide to become foster parents for teen children

Gibbs from NCIS and H from CSI: Miami find themselves dual guardians of the same baby girl

Janeway navigates being a single mom and a Starship captain at the same time.

Kirk, McCoy and Spock all end up having an empathic parenting bond with the baby they rescued.

It can be a little more canon:

The Winchester family, single parenting on the road, while hunting demons

The Crusher family aboard the Enterprise.

Matt and Mohinder are Molly's parents but not canonically a couple.

Cuddy as a single mom, with one hell of a support network.

Anything other nontraditional fandom family you can think of.

The world of fandom is your oyster, so go forth, and create.

gen, slash, femslash, threesomes, and moresomes, are totally welcome, as is het, just as long as you can sell it as being "nontraditional" in some sort of real way.

All ratings welcome, but please use the rating system of: G, PG, PG-13, R, and NC-17 and remember to warn.


slash4femme and silversword2010