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Public Service Announcement 1
State of Play
slash4femme wrote in it_takes_love

First off,

 Welcome everyone! 

 It is so great to see so many people interested in what this community can and hopefully will become. 

This group sprang out of several discussions we (slash4femme and silversword2010) had about how much we like writing stories where one or more characters become parents. Since silverswor2010 writes gen and slash4femme writes mostly slash that often meant the families we were writing about weren't always of the traditional set up. The group's title "Everything Is Better With Babies" came out of something silversword2010 said off-hand and in a joking manner. It soon became a kind of code phrase for the kinds of fics we were talking about. When we made this group (all of yesterday) we decided to put it as the title because of its history in our conversations but also because this is supposed to be a lighter-hearted group. We are well aware these stories will probably be higher on the cuteness and lower on the angst then a lot of fics out there and that's ok, that's what we are looking for. 

 However this does not mean this is a babyfic group. The title in no way means we are not open to stories about older children, or teens, or even adults who still live with caregivers. We totally understand that you don't need a "baby" to be a happy family. This is a group for all different families, however you want to understand that. Some of these families will actually have babies but not all of them, or even most of them, will. That's great, that's what we are looking for. When we say "family" we want you to understand and redefine that anyway you want to.

 We live in a world where too often people try to spread fear and hatred by defining such things as "love" and "family" in very specific and exclusive ways. This group is for fannish stuff proving those assumptions wrong. It's also about having fun, so let’s trying to take what we do seriously but not take ourselves too seriously. If that makes any sense at all. 

 Just so we are all now clear.  


 PS: Also for those of you who don't know, I (slash4femme) have multiple disabilities that make editing hard. I don't mind you guys pointing it out and I try to be good (I promise I will try to be good) but every once in a while a typo slips by. So try to be sensitive to everyone and don't assume because someone spells something wrong that makes them stupid. 


Thank you all and again welcome! 

 Slash4femme and Silversword2010


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